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The Next Generation - The new C3T

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Company Profile

corpuls – this name stands for cutting-edge medical technology with the highest quality standards. Nevertheless, the early days with company founder, Günter Stemple, were rather modest: it was in his hobby room in Kaufering, Upper Bavaria, in 1982, that he laid the foundation for "GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH" – corpuls – with his first defibrillator.

The objective of corpuls has always been to develop and build extremely robust and sophisticated devices for preclinical and clinical cardiotherapy. For this reason corpuls has remained thoroughly committed to quality “Made in Germany”, highly qualified engineers and Kaufering as a business location, even in these times of globalisation and increasing cost pressure.


Company History

Sekarguna as sole distributor in Indonesia

Since 2017, Sekarguna has been working with the principal Corpuls to provide high-quality and innovative products to our customers in Indonesia. This partnership has helped us increase our revenue and improve our position in the Indonesian market.

Over the years, we have developed a close relationship with Corpuls and we greatly value the partnership we have. Our principal always provides exceptional support in terms of the latest technology and product development, allowing us to offer new and innovative products to our customers in Indonesia.

The products we market are Defibrillator Corpuls 3 in 1, C3T, AED, Corpuls 1 + Bagpack, CPR.

We have been successfully selling Corpuls products since 2017. Our sales population is mostly in hospital in Indonesia such as Rs. Kandau, Rs. Jayapura, Rs. Abepura, Rs. Sanlah. We are grateful for the support we have received from Corpuls as our distributor in Indonesia in spreading these products to various regions and increasing the efficiency of product delivery to customers in Indonesia.

We also appreciate Corpuls' commitment to providing exceptional customer service, which allows us to provide the same service to our customers in Indonesia.

We are very proud of the partnership we have with Corpuls and we are confident that by continuing to work together, we can achieve greater success in our business in the future in Indonesia.

News & Event

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After Sales Service

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Consultation Medical & Product Knowledge

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