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After Sales Service

  1. The quality of service provided to hospitals using products from Sekarguna Medika must always be improved. One dimension that needs to be considered in supporting efforts to improve the quality of service is related to the provision of quality medical equipment. Indicators of quality medical equipment include accuracy, timeliness, and safety in use.
  2. Training on the maintenance of medical equipment is an important factor in the provision of health services, both in hospitals and in other health facilities. This is as stated in Law No. 36 of 2009 on Health, article 98, which states that the available medical equipment must be safe, beneficial, of quality and affordable.
  3. Through this training, PT Sekarguna Medika is responsible for providing training to staff on the use and maintenance of the product. PT Sekarguna also conducts regular visits to check the Corpuls products at the institution.

Consultation Medical & Product Knowledge

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