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corpuls3 Defibrillator Monitoring


Category : EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
Brand : corpuls

  • Dimension Product
  • Width : 0 | Length : 0 | Height : 0 | Weight : 0 Kg

• Modular system:
• Monitoring unit
• Patient box
• Defibrillator/Pacer unit
• Multiparameter 3 in 1 (ECG, patient monitor, defibrillator).
• Ergonomic, functionality, flexibility.
• 8.4" LCD color display, individually configurable views.
• Masimo Rainbow SET technology for diagnostic enhancement.
• Energy management.

Monitoring Unit
• A detachable monitor designed to be easily portable and provide solutions wherever it is used.
• Integrated GSM interface for data transmission.
• Jog-dial, softkeys, and function keys for accelerated access and operation.
• Large color display capable of showing 12-lead diagnostic ECG previews and individually configurable views.

Patient box
• The core component of the device system that monitors patients through wireless or compact patient monitors.
• Simultaneous 12-lead diagnostic ECG with optimal and uninterrupted interpretation software.
• Compact flash drive available for data storage and transfer of recording data.

Defibrillator (Pacer Unit)
• corPatch therapy master cable used with shock paddles, internal paddles, or therapy electrodes.
• Metronome guidance during CPR.
• High mobility and flexibility to lighten the defibrillator when not needed.
• Fixed, demand, and overdrive pacing with ramp-down mode.

• Dust and splash-proof (IP55)
• DIN EN 1789 - safety standardization
• MIL STD 810 - military standardization
• RTCA-DO 160 F - aviation safety standardization
• Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
• 12 V DC, 100 - 250 V AC with main adapter

Monitoring Unit
• 8.4" TFT LCD display, capable of showing 6 traces simultaneously
• 30-degree tiltable design with all-around impact protection
• Printer: 106mm wide paper, 22m long

Patient Box
• 12-lead ECG, SpO2, PI, NIBP
• CompactFlash drive; acoustic alarm; microphone recording
• Accessories bag for cables and sensors

Defibrillator (Pacer Unit)
• Biphasic, rectangular waveform with full impedance compensation
• AED protocol according to AHA/ERC 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines
• Configurable energy protocol ranging from 2 to 200 Joules (1-2-3 sequence)
• Metronome for enhanced therapy
• Up to 200 shocks with a fully charged battery.

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