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Automatic External Defibrilator


Category : EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
Brand : corpuls

  • Dimension Product
  • Width : 0 | Length : 0 | Height : 0 | Weight : 0 Kg

• Small, handy, and multifunctional.
• Highly suitable for use by firefighters, first responders, patient transport, and emergency management.
• Therapy to patients is easily and comprehensively operated.
• Equipped with a special bag for the safety and comfort protection of accessories when hand-carrying to the emergency site.
• Resuscitation.
   • Corpuls1 can be used as an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) or manually depending on the   
   • AED protocol follows ERC/AHA guidelines.
   • Metronome function and user support.
   • Biphasic rectangular impulse, impedance compensated.
• Monitoring.
   • Intuitive user interface ensures trouble-free operation.
   • 5.7-inch LCD screen displays ECG, HR, plethysmogram, and vital parameters.
   • 6-lead ECG.
   • Each recording can be captured and stored in the mission's storage.
   • Has soft keys for quick access to main functions.

• Dust- and splashproof (IP55)
• Vibration- and shockproof according to DIN EN1789
• Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C (Basic functions: ECG monitoring, defibrillation)
• Alarm light, speakers
• Voice recording, Lithium-Ion battery
• Power supply 12 V DC, 100 to 250 V AC with charger

• Automatic external defibrillator (AED)
• Manual defibrillator
• Pacer with two modes FIX/DEMAND (Optional)
• 2-200 Joule, biphasic rectangular waveform

Patient monitoring system:
• 5.7" color display, back-lit
• Display of up to 3 traces and up to 4 vital parameters, cardioversion
• 6-lead ECG

Data management:
• SD-memory card

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