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corpuls3Touch Defibrillator Monitoring


Category : EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
Brand : corpuls

  • Dimension Product
  • Width : 0 | Length : 0 | Height : 0 | Weight : 0 Kg

• Defibrillator: Manual and Automatic External Defibrillator
• Pacer with 3 Modes: Fix, Demand, and Overdrive
• Patient Monitor with Up to 6 curves and 13 vital parameters
• Diagnostic 12-lead ECG preview
• The modules remain wirelessly connected. As a result, the weight of the corpuls3T system can be significantly reduced – ideal for better mobility and flexibility in a time-critical transfer of the patient.
• Constant Monitoring: From the mission site to the hospital
• Constant monitoring from a safe distance (for example in CT)
• Better ergonomics for patient transport by separating the modules
• Increases patient safety by recording and storing parameters in direct proximity to patients
• Safe to operate with disposable gloves
• More flexibility at the mission site due to the separation of different tasks: Display, data recording, and therapy
• Transflective 8.4’’ Touch-Display
• Extremely high dust and splash protection (IP55)
• Operation range: -20 °C to +55 °C (basic functions: ECG monitoring, defibrillation)
• DIN EN 1789
• Conforms with selected sections of the international Standard for Airborne Equipment RTCA DO 160 G
• Conforms with selected sections of the US Military Standard MIL STD 810

Patient Monitor:
Up to 6 curves and 13 vital parameters
Diagnostic 12-lead ECG preview
Quick access to important menu items through 7 softkeys and function buttons
1-2-3 operation in defibrillation modes
Wide printer (106mm) capable of simultaneous real-time printout of up to 6 curves
All-around impact protection

Patient Box:
ECG-Analysis and Information Software
Masimo Rainbow SET® Technology for SpO2
Non-invasive blood pressure measurement (SunTech®)
Invasive blood pressure measurement
Display for vital parameters, remaining time, and alarms
Acoustic alarm indicator, microphone for audio recording
Bluetooth and CompactFlash® compatibility

Biphasic, rectangular waveform with impedance compensation
Configurable energy protocol ranging from 2 to 200 Joules
AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and manual defibrillator capabilities
AED protocol compliant with current guidelines, with the ability to update as needed
Pacer with FIX-, DEMAND-, and OVERDRIVE mode
Pre-connected corPatch therapy electrodes in a separate bag
Up to 200 shocks with a fully charged battery
Compatible with both hard paddles and internal shock spoons

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