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With "Health Creation" as our business domain, we contribute to healthier and more fulfilling lives for everyone.

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We are based on the "founding spirit" of "For the world, for the people".

Kenz Kenz

With a presence indispensable to medical care and health

The Suzuken group is a unique corporate group based on the "founding spirit" of "For the world, for the people", with "Health Creation" as its business domain. For over 80 years the spirit of "learning from our customers" has been carefully passed down and we have worked untiringly to be of "service to our customers".

As a result, we have expanded into a wide range of businesses in the medical field beyond our core business of pharmaceutical wholesaler, ranging from research, development and production of new pharmaceuticals, support of pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance pharmacies and nursing care, to evolve into the only corporate group of its kind.

Further, our corporate group is one in which each and every employee contributes to creating rich and fulfilling lives full of smiles, under our slogan of "Design Your Smile Health Creation Group Suzuken". As long as people desire a healthy life, the Suzuken group's mission will never end.

We will continue to create new values in the never ending field of "Health Creation"; from medical treatment to nursing care, and will strive to become a "presence indispensable to medical care and health" in Japan and Asia.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Business

The "Kenz" brand, noted for its quality around the world

The sale of products with the "Kenz" brand name began in 1974. The brand originated with the manufacture and sale of a sphygmomanometer developed jointly with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (former). Since then, the Suzuken group has manufactured and sold a large number of medical devices, such as Holter electrocardiographs and stethoscopes, and medical materials as its own products.

「Pursuing the development of products that are "patient-friendly", developing globally

Our core medical equipment whose brand name is "Kenz" developed by Suzuken group is testing equipment such as Holter electrocardiographs, blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes. We are boldly taking on challenge to develop the equipment to make testing easier and more accurate as well as no burden and anxiety to patients and have realized the miniaturization of Holter electrocardiographs.

We have constructed systems including the "ISO13485" quality assurance system for medical equipment, and have received the Eurozone goods distribution standard "CE marking" certification and meet global quality requirements. Kenz products are used in medical practice in over 30 countries worldwide, mainly in the Asian region, and have received high evaluation from medical institutions around the world.


Solid manufacturing and sales despite the pandemic

Kenzmedico Co., Ltd. is a medical device maker that develops and manufactures stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers for professional use, both of which it sells inside and outside Japan. It has earned a strong reputation in medical settings for not only the Kenz-brand medical devices and supplies sold through Suzuken but also the outstanding technical, service, and marketing capabilities it has demonstrated amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking to the future, we will enhance our brand value and pursue effectiveness and efficiency by making the most of shared functions within the Group and undertaking fundamental business strengthening.


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