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Company Profile

corpuls – this name stands for cutting-edge medical technology with the highest quality standards. Nevertheless, the early days with company founder, Günter Stemple, were rather modest: it was in his hobby room in Kaufering, Upper Bavaria, in 1982, that he laid the foundation for "GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH"corpuls – with his first defibrillator.

The objective of corpuls has always been to develop and build extremely robust and sophisticated devices for preclinical and clinical cardiotherapy. For this reason corpuls has remained thoroughly committed to quality “Made in Germany”, highly qualified engineers and Kaufering as a business location, even in these times of globalisation and increasing cost pressure.


Company History

Sekarguna as sole distributor in Indonesia

Sekarguna Medika is the sole distributor of Corpuls since 2013. All Corpuls products marketed in Indonesia are first registered with their distribution license. In this 10-year partnership, Corpuls has always provided the best quality products in their class.

In order to expand their market share in the national health equipment market, PT Sekarguna Medika ensures the quality and standard are maintained from the import process, storage to delivery to all customers. PT Sekarguna Medika also has obtained the Good Distribution Practice of Health Equipment (CDAKB) certificate.

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