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Our About Us

PT. Ineza Medika retail medical equipment company with national coverage. On June 27, 2007 Date of dream come true with the opening of The first outlet is located in front of the hospital. Fatmawati - Jakarta. Outlets are then given the name "Arnez de Lourdes".

In accordance with the vision of "Arnez de Lourdes" is a tool shop the best and most comprehensive health care that has its own characteristics so sought after and desired by all levels of Indonesian society.

Our Mission

  1. Become an integrated business unit of yes aspects of Human Resources, Finance, Infrastructure, and Management Information Systems.
  2. Develop new markets through the development of owned brands.
  3. Developed distribution channels through the opening of new branches or outlets through the development of subsidiary company.
  4. Applying the pre-eminent in product quality, good after sales service, and prices are in accordance with benefits.
  5. Promoting the principles of professionalism, in order to maintain sustainable business growth with strong fundamentals.

STRENGHT Arnez de Lourdes

Life is for service.

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