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PT. Sekarguna Medika is a medical equipment distributor company with nationwide coverage. The company established in 1991, and currently is a single representative of 18 international leading brands of medical equipment. Our product varied from home care unit to hospital or institution medical equipment. Our vision is to be the leading medical equipment distribution company. As we committed to put customer satisfaction as priority, we deliver the best service and quality as dedication to national health. Those commitments are upheld by professionalism in business and company’s sustainable growth as to continuously serve public needs for high quality and affordable medical equipment. We serve with care because your satisfaction is our accomplishment.

Head Office Sekarguna

Our Vision

Become the flagship company in the distribution of integrated medical devices, which in 2030 was able to cover the entire territory of Indonesia. Professionally managed company and able to continue to grow in order to improve meeting the needs of corporate stakeholders.

Our Mision

  • Become an integrated business unit of yes aspects of Human Resources, Finance, Infrastructure, and Management Information Systems.
  • Develop new markets through the development of owned brands.
  • Developed distribution channels through the opening of new branches or outlets through the development of subsidiary company.
  • Applying the pre-eminent in product quality, good after sales service, and prices are in accordance with benefits.
  • Promoting the principles of professionalism, in order to maintain sustainable business growth with strong fundamentals.
  • Contribute to increases for key stakeholders, customers, employees, shareholders, and principals.

Sekarguna Building

Quality and Safety

Has been approved to get Certificate of Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices

Scope :

  • Non Radiation Electromedical Devices
  • Non Sterile Non Electromedical Devices
  • Sterile Non Electromedical Devices
  • In Vitro Diagnostics Products

Applies a management system in line with the above standard for the following scope :

  • Distribution and Service of NICU & PICU Equipment
  • Electrocardiograph
  • Defibrillator
  • Resuscitation products
  • Patient monitor / Vital sign
  • Suction pump
  • Vacuum Extractor
  • Vacuum Currete
  • Clinical thermometer
  • Blood & Infusion warmer
  • Mother & Child product
  • Electro cauter and Electro surgery
  • Stetoscope
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Incubator Baby
  • Infant warmer
  • Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Monitoring System
  • Rapid test
  • HbA1C Analyzer & Reagnet cartrige
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Wound & Stoma products
  • Wound dressing & bandage
  • Nebulizer
  • Medical cart
  • Hospital bed
  • Examination bed
  • Wheel chair
  • Commode chair
  • Walker
  • Walking stick
  • Rehabilitation product
  • Digital scale
  • Manual scale and measurement scale
  • Multiparameter patient monitoring diagnostic system
  • Multiparameter patient monitoring diagnostic system (strip & midstream)
  • Safety needle lancet device
  • Blood lancet
  • Haematology Device
  • Blood Gas Analyzer
  • MRI Diagnostic Incubator
  • Orthopaedic products
  • Surgical Table
  • Surgical Light
  • Surgical Mask
  • Medical Protective Clothing
  • Warming cabinets
  • Emergency strecher
  • Ambulance strecher
  • Transport strecher
  • Evacuation stair wheel chair
  • AED
  • Spinal board
  • Oxygen tank
  • Oxygen concentrator and Regulator oxygen



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Certificate Sekarguna Medika-ISO

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